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Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion Dvdrip 43 !!INSTALL!!

the answer of course is the christmas invasion. there are a number of major differences between the two doctor who christmas specials. first of all, it wasnt a story about the doctor, but rather about two companions. it also took place in space, which is only tangentially related to christmas. most importantly, though, the christmas invasion is the first doctor who special that feels like it was written by someone who knows the show. the script is much smarter than previous specials, but it also still has the strange charm of amateur hour. its one of those rare stories that feels completely fresh but at the same time clearly belongs to an earlier era of the show.

doctor who the christmas invasion dvdrip 43

the story begins with the doctor and the first doctor, who has been accepted into the time lord legion, a sort of first-generation time lords. theyre still getting used to their new bodies, and the doctor has the idea to visit the planet raxacoricofallapatorius because it might give them an idea of what their own regeneration process will be like.

the real appeal of the story, though, is its portrayal of the first doctor. this is the doctor who, as the doctor himself points out, is just a man. as such, he is not really equipped to handle the harsh realities of the universe. he also gets a bit of a break here, not having to regenerate into a new form. he is amazed by the beauty of the universe, and has trouble reacting to the horror of being an observer of the universe. when he is told that the same horror is awaiting him, he doesnt really understand what he is being told. theres a nice little moment where the first doctor just says that the doctor is right, and the first thing he ever does is make a joke. its a pretty accurate look at what the doctor is like, even if that means putting himself in a bad situation.


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