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[S1E12] Jay's Sister __FULL__

The little sister of the pediatrician who had the brain bleed ended up not making it. Once the parents were there, the head ER doc made the inevitable but nevertheless tough call that they should donate the liver to the niece of Burgess who had the crushed liver.

[S1E12] Jay's Sister

In ICU, Burgess' niece, Zoe, remains in serious need of a new liver, and somehow she's not even the worse case. Right next door to her lays Imogene, post-surgery, no longer registering any brain activity. The news makes it to her half-sister Holly and their parents: Imogene has a zero chance of life.

She promises to stay away from him. She goes to her car, broken in mind and spirit, and asks her sister to take her to the hospital. She's been right about almost everything but doesn't know it. She is a secret service version of Cassandra, who was cursed to be able to accurately foretell the future but to never be believed. Carrie's fate is even worse because she doesn't even believe herself. The only thing she's wrong about is that she needs medical help to cure her of her accurate conclusions.

As she goes under, Carrie flashes back to her night of passion with Brody, and remembers him saying the name Isa during his sleep. She knows now that there is a connection. "Isa--Nazir's son, Brody knew him," she whispers. "Don't let me forget." Her sister hears her--but the medical personnel tell her it's just the anesthetic talking.

The same goes for Trevor (Asher Grodman), according to Port. Before the mystery behind his pants highlighted a softer, more layered side to the ghostly Winnie the Pooh character, audiences learned of the investment trader's vulnerabilities in Episode 12 "Jay's Sister." Making choices that were out of a selfish need for finding love, Trevor had catfished Sam's sister-in-law, Bela (Punam Patel) in a hilarious, unhinged plan. While the events leading to Trevor's diabolical dating ploy left Sam and Jay to clean up the mess, the house ghost was real about his feelings for her.

"We want to have Punam Patel come back, Jay's sister who matched with Trevor on the dating app," Port said. "[The writers] have a really interesting story that we've been talking about, so we want to and there might be more ghosts to ship. We're talking about something in that realm."

His brother ended up in a street gang called the Insane Kings. He was also acquainted with Gianna Mackey and her brother Dex. After Dex got sick, Joe promised to look after his sister. True to his word after the death of Dex, Joe started to look after Gianna as a surrogate big Brother.

Born Donna Jo Tanner on February 9, 1977, she is the older sister of Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. D.J. is sometimes called "Deej" by her family and close friends (which is a one-syllable shortening of the sound of her initials).

Her ways of caring for others go beyond just safety. For example, in "My Left and Right Foot", when she and Stephanie discover Michelle soaking her shrink-wrapped feet in a bucket of ice water in an effort to shrink her feet, D.J. asks Michelle if she's "making a bunion Slurpee" and asks her to get out. Michelle insists she's not done soaking her feet, and D.J. says she is done, and, in total regards for their sister's safety and health, D.J. and Stephanie immediately get Michelle out of her frigid foot bath, keep an extremely tight grip on her to stop her from getting back into the tub, and insist if she continues, she'll freeze her feet off to the point where bunions will grow and cause possibly permanent damage.

For her sisters, she is usually easy-going, but in the first four seasons, when she has to share a room with Stephanie. She is authoritative, reminding her about the two rules set in the series premiere: never touch her belongings, and never set foot on her side of the room. More often than not, Stephanie is seen breaking both rules at once, although she appears to break "rule #1" more often than "rule #2" (though usually, to break "rule #1", she would have to break "rule #2", as D.J. always keeps her stuff on her side of the room at all times.) After D.J. gets her own room (in season 5), she implements a new "rule #2", which is to always knock before entering.

In the episode "Star Search" (3.6), as she and Stephanie surprise Michelle with a tiara and tutu (in the opening teaser), it is revealed that she did ballet dancing when she was younger. D.J. has a Pillow Person that she is attached to; unlike Mr. Bear, D.J.'s Pillow Person is still seen until the series ends. D.J. has a charm bracelet that her mother gave her when they brought her new sister Michelle home from the hospital. 041b061a72


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