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[S1E14] Stolen Car

Henry walks into Junk-N-Stuff with a box of light bulbs, but then, Charlotte, Ray, and Gooch surprise him, causing him to drop the light bulbs. Ray begins to put makeup on Henry's face, Charlotte works on Henry's hair, and Gooch tries to find him a shirt. Henry asks why, and they tell him that Charlotte found out that winners of a game show called "Spin and Win" were getting their prizes stolen, so Henry would now be a contestant to catch the burglar. Jake calls Henry and asks if he could come home because Jasper was there, Piper hated him, and Kris was at the rodeo. Henry tells him he wouldn't be home until late at night, because he had the game show. Jake and Piper ask if they could come and Henry says yes. Jasper also wants to go, but Jake locks him out and they leave. Jasper then takes Piper's bike and rides after them.

[S1E14] Stolen Car

The episode opens on the outside of the precinct (something that becomes a more common occurrence somewhere after episode 10), where inside Starsky is talking to a little old lady who claims her car has been stolen. Her story is specious, riddled with holes, and Starsky just grins and plays along. Hutch gives him a Look.

The next evening Blanche tells Rose she lied about the car's condition but she needed to sell it to get her new car, Rose reveals that the car has been stolen which works in Blanche's favour as the insurance will be enough for Blanche's new car. Dorothy asks Sophia where her shoes are but Sophia warns her that she is hurting herself as she is yet to realize this.

This VIN search tool lets you know whether your car has been declared a total loss after an accident, is salvaged or has been reported stolen or lost. NCIB provides a basic and completely free VIN lookup, though you're limited to only five VIN searchers for every IP address within a day.

Back at headquarters, Lisbon meets with Claire's husband. Lisbon gives her condolences and receives the requested articles. The first thing he does is to drop the name of his 'friend' the Attorney General. He demands the CBI team give their full attention to the investigation into the death of his wife. Although Lisbon is irritated by his attempt to intimidate her, she behaves in a politic manner. However, she does make it clear that all the cases they run receive their full attention, intimating that he's not as special as he thinks he is. She calls Cho to conduct an interview with Wolcott. Cho is also impervious to his arrogance. He asks a series of questions but receives no pertinent information. Wolcott does recall Claire firing an assistant over some stolen jewelry. He knew that Claire was meeting a lover but he didn't know she had a lover prior to her death. Wolcott demands the name of Claire's lover but Cho refuses to reveal the name even though Wolcott threatens his career. He refuses to answer any more questions and leaves the interview.

Meanwhile, after her terse call with Maya, Emily finds herself drinking from Hanna's stolen hip flask and nearly causes an accusatory scene with Ian, about his murdering Alison. Spencer covers up, claiming her accusation was referring to their kiss, but this too angers Ian, who had hoped nobody else knew that damning secret. Aria almost has a confrontation of her own - with Ezra over the attention he is paying Simone, but a quick-thinking Spencer diffuses the situation by asking her teacher to dance. 041b061a72


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