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English Grammar Book Of P K Dey Sarkar

English Grammar Book of P K Dey Sarkar

English grammar is a complex and challenging subject for many learners, especially those who are not native speakers of the language. There are many rules, exceptions, and variations to learn and apply correctly. To help students master this subject, a teacher and grammarian from Bengal, India, named P K Dey Sarkar wrote a book called A Text Book of Higher English Grammar, Composition and Translation in 1926. This book has become a classic and widely used textbook among Bengali students learning English for almost a century.

English Grammar Book Of P K Dey Sarkar

Who was P K Dey Sarkar?

P K Dey Sarkar was born in 1892 in Nilphamari District in Rangpur, Bengal, British India, now in Bangladesh. He was interested in English literature and language from a young age and studied at Rajshahi College. He secured a job with Martin and Burn, a British company in Calcutta (now Kolkata), but resigned when he was refused entry into their library because of his race. He then became the headmaster of Bholanath Bisweswar Hindu Academy in Rajshahi, where he taught English and wrote his famous book. He migrated to Calcutta after the independence and partition of India in 1948 and continued to work on improving his book until his death in 1974. He had two sons, who are engineers, and two daughters, who are microbiologists. His students fondly referred to him as "Master-Moshai", meaning Teacher-Sir.

What is the book about?

The book is a comprehensive guide to English grammar, composition, and translation for higher-level students. It covers topics such as the structure of English, the sound system of English, the formal and functional classification of words and phrases, tense, sentence and transformation, punctuation, common errors, idioms and phrases, synonym and antonym, vocabulary, sequence of sentences, precis, and comprehension. The book has techniques for solving various grammar exercises correctly and provides answers for self-reference. The book also has examples from English literature and translations from Bengali to English and vice versa. The book uses the syntactic terms that are currently used in present-day grammar. The book is written in both English and Bengali languages to cater to the needs of Bengali students.

Why is the book popular?

The book is popular because it is one of the first books that focused on the pedagogic needs of Indian students learning English grammar rather than following the British ones. The book is also popular because it is clear, concise, and comprehensive. It explains the rules and exceptions of grammar with examples and exercises. It also helps students improve their writing and translation skills. The book has been revised and updated by Sarkar's eldest son, Pabitra Kumar De Sarkar, who continues to work on new editions. The book is now in its 50th edition, launched in 2016. The book sells over 20,000 copies annually and is considered to be one of the holy trinity of Bengali pedagogy along with K C Nag and C R Dasgupta.


In conclusion, P K Dey Sarkar's book on English grammar is a remarkable achievement that has helped generations of students learn and master the language. The book is a testament to Sarkar's passion for teaching and his dedication to improving his work. The book is also a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn English grammar from a Bengali perspective.


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