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31. The Military Armistice Commission shall meet daily. Recesses of not to exceed seven (7) days may be agreed upon by the senior members of both sides; provided, that such recesses may be terminated on twenty-four (24) hour notice by the senior member of either side.

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40. (a) The Neutral Nations supervisory Commission shall be initially provided with, and assisted by, twenty (20) neutral Nations Inspection Teams, which number may be reduced by agreement of the senior members of both sides on the Military Armistice Commission. The Neutral nations Inspection Teams shall be responsible to, shall report to, and shall be subject to the direction of, the Neutral Nations supervisory Commission only.

44. The Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission shall meet daily. Recesses of not to exceed seven (7) days may be agreed upon by the members of the Neutral nations Supervisory Commission; provided, that such recesses may be terminated on twenty-four (24) hour notice by any member.

(1) One team shall be composed of twenty (20) members, namely, ten (10) representatives from the national Red Cross Societies of each side, to assist in the delivering and receiving of prisoners of war by both sides at the place(s) of delivery and reception of prisoners of war. The chairmanship of this team shall alternate daily between representative from the Red Cross Societies of the two sides. The work and services of this team shall be coordinated by the Committee for Repatriation of Prisoners of War.

The 'Mow to Own' Program is a 'sweat equity' program where residents may take immediate ownership of a vacant lot that is located next to an occupied residential or commercial property that they own, for a nominal fee. Participants must agree to continually maintain the lot, including regular mows and debris removal, for twenty-four months.

A child (excluding a child who was once a Japanese national) under twenty years of age whose father or mother has acknowledged paternity or maternity respectively , may acquire Japanese nationality through a notification to the Minister of Justice, if the father or mother who made the acknowledgement was a Japanese national at the time of the child's birth, and such father or mother is presently a Japanese national or was a Japanese national at the time of his or her death.

The Minister of Justice shall not permit the naturalization of an alien unless he or she fulfills all of the following conditions:(1) that he or she has domiciled in Japan for five years or more consecutively;(2) that he or she is twenty years of age or more and of full capacity to act according to the law of his or her home country;(3) that he or she is of upright conduct;(4) that he or she is able to secure a livelihood by one's own property or ability, or those of one's spouse or other relatives with whom one lives on common living expenses;(5) that he or she has no nationality, or the acquisition of Japanese nationality will result in the loss of foreign nationality;(6) that he or she has never plotted or advocated, or formed or belonged to a political party or other organization which has plotted or advocated the overthrow of the Constitution of Japan or the Government existing thereunder, since the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan.

A Japanese national having a foreign nationality shall choose either of the nationalities before he or she reaches twenty two years of age if he or she has acquired both nationalities on and before the day when he or she reaches twenty years of age or, within two years after the day when he or she acquired the second nationality if he or she acquired such nationality after the day when he or she reached twenty years of age.

A person under twenty years of age who has lost Japanese nationality in accordance with Article 12 may reacquire Japanese nationality by making notification to the Minister of Justice if he or she has a domicile in Japan.

Property owners of a multiple dwelling must post a Notice of Interruption of Services prior to making repairs, or performing other work, that will cause an interruption of any heat, hot water, cold water, gas or electricity service expected to last for two or more hours. The notice must be publicly posted at least twenty-four hours before the interruption of such service is expected to commence and must remain posted until such interruption ends. The notice must be posted in English and in Spanish and must be updated as needed.

This methodology, applied to gender equality research spanning the past twenty-two years, enables two key contributions. First, we extract the main message that each document is conveying and how this is connected to other themes in literature, providing a rich picture of the topics that are at the center of the discourse, as well as of the emerging topics. Second, by examining the semantic relationship between topics and how tightly their discourses are linked, we can identify the key relationships and connections between different topics. This semi-automatic methodology is also highly reproducible with minimum effort.

Fig 2 shows the SBS time series of the top 10 topics. While there has been a general increase in the number of Scopus-indexed publications in the last decade, we notice that some SBS trends remain steady, or even decrease. In particular, we observe that the main topic of the last twenty-two years, compensation, is losing momentum. Since 2016, it has been surpassed by decision-making, education and role, which may indicate that literature is increasingly attempting to identify root causes of compensation inequalities. Moreover, in the last two years, the topics of hiring, performance, and organization are experiencing the largest importance increase. 350c69d7ab


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