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Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore

[]Zombie Army 4 Dead War V2.02.part0... [REPACK]

"New recruits to the zombie army still got their fresh legs, and we call them Runners for a reason. They catch your scent, they will be on your ass like THAT. You can try and run, ha, but they ain't gonna stop chasing you til either they get you or you get them. Hitting 'em ain't easy, but take 'em off their feet and it gets a lot easier."

[]Zombie Army 4 Dead War v2.02.part0...

"Some older zombies are already falling apart from rot. Hell, I saw one hit me so hard, it took its own dumbass arm off! Funniest shit I'd seen all day. But take my point! If the slow-and-steadies can get to ME, they WILL get to you. Till these walking dust-piles are dead for good, they can still swing the hit that brings you down." 041b061a72


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