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Only Love (Ryan Benson Mix) [CRACKED]

Benson Boone uses his sensitive, intimate music to work through his toughest emotions. He wrote the meditative pop songs on his debut EP, Walk Me Home..., as a way of documenting his hopes, fears, and insecurities as a young artist finding his footing in the music industry, and as a person growing into his own in the public eye. "Writing these songs brought me to where I am now," he says. "It's where I really want to be."And it's an enviable position to be in. EP opener "GHOST TOWN," a piercing breakup ballad, amassed more than 200 million cumulative streams on its way to being certified Gold in the US and becoming Boone's first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. Heartbreak also shaped the soaring follow-up, "In The Stars," which proved to be an even bigger hit. Even so, the Monroe, Washington native struggled with the pressures of sudden stardom and global fame."I haven't been part of the industry for that long," Boone says. "It has been the most amazing ride of my life, but it's also overwhelming. Sometimes it's really hard mentally." Making a larger body of work sharpened his focus and relieved the pressure. "These songs were so therapeutic," Boone says. "The title, Walk Me Home... doesn't refer to a person or a place. The songs walked me back to a place of pure creativity and it feels amazing."Given his rapid ascent and massive success, it's bewildering to think that the breakout star stepped in front of the mic for the very first time in 2019. In his senior year of high school, Boone's friends entered a Battle of the Bands competition and he volunteered to play piano. When their frontman stepped down at the last minute, Boone saved the day. "I didn't know I could sing," he says. "But it just kind of worked." At first, singing was just one of several passions that include scootering, cliff jumping and art (he memorably drew the cover for "In The Stars").Music became a priority, however, when Boone started posting on social media and auditioned for American Idol. He blew the judges away and moved forward in the competition, but ultimately bowed out to hone his craft. The very next week, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds reached out via Instagram and invited him to Las Vegas. "I spent the next four days working with him," he remembers. Reynolds was so impressed that he signed Boone to his Night Street Records."Dan taught me the most important thing that I know in this industry: I control what I do, I control how I do it, I control my own life," Boone reveals. "He always gives his input, but he lets me be the artist." That involves choosing collaborators like Michael Pollack (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus) and Jason Evigan (Dua Lipa and Jonas Brothers). "It's like a sports team," Boone muses. "If you have really good players on your team, you feel more comfortable out on the field and have that much more confidence in yourself."It's particularly important given Boone's vulnerable approach to life and songwriting. "In relationships, I put a lot of myself out there," he says. "I want to experience real love. Today, it's all for social media or dating someone because they're attractive and that's it." On EP highlight "Let Me Go," Boone opens up about his idea of a true romantic connection. "Love is imperfect," he says. "It's the hard moments, the fights, the arguments, and the lows." He outlines just that on the song's chorus, singing, "If it doesn't make a cut that just won't close, it wasn't love.'"A track like "Better Alone," which is inspired by the thought of seeing your crush with someone else, comes at love from a very different angle. "I don't think anyone's truly better off alone," Boone says. "But right after something like that happens, you feel that way."His insight is doubly impressive given his limited experiences in relationships. "I have never really had my heart broken," Boone admits. Instead, he takes inspiration from friends and loved ones. "NIGHTS LIKE THESE," for example, was inspired by seeing friends text or call their ex -- and secretly hoping they don't reply. For "Empty Heart Shaped Box," on the other hand, he channeled the hurt and grief he felt from his grandmother's passing.Now with his EP out, Boone is turning his focus to his live set. "Having three songs out and trying to do shows is hard," he quips. Not that a lack of material has ever slowed him down. Earlier this year, Boone performed for 65,000 screaming fans in Norway. "Everyone was singing the words back to me," he says. "I touched people's hands and some started crying. It was the craziest moment."While Walk Me Home... is still connecting with listeners and expanding Boone's already sizable fanbase, he has started thinking about his next move. Boone plans to release an album in 2023, but he intends to release more singles and possibly an EP before its arrival. While heartfelt ballads will always be on the menu, he intends to mix it up somewhat in the future with "uptempo songs" and "summer vibes."Most importantly, Boone is excited to keep growing as an artist. "I am worlds better than I was at understanding music," he says. "I'm becoming a better songwriter." As his skills increase, so does his ambition. "I want to get a top 10 song and play Madison Square Garden." With his dedication and talent, it's only a matter of time before he ticks them off his wishlist -- not that these goals were ever the point. He wants to share all of himself, and he hopes that the songs that helped him grow can help others do so too.

Only Love (Ryan Benson Mix)

I have learned so many things from Mariska. My favorite thing that I've learned from her is probably to always act with your heart. Always act with your heart and only act because you love performing.

Mariska Hargitay has certainly been bringing a lot of heart to her role as Olivia Benson, which has helped the character remain so relevant and beloved after more than twenty years in primetime. Ryan Buggle only had good things to say about working with her, and not many actors can boast getting advice from such a seasoned star at such a young age. He also shared that working on SVU has helped him build a love for performing:

Later, after Freddie saves Carly from being run over by a truck in iSaved Your Life, they begin dating. However, Sam convinced Freddie that Carly was only touched that he saved her life and was notin love with him, but what he did. They broke up afterward, but said they would be interested in going out again when Carly is over the "hero thing." Their relationship has been mentioned once since then in iApril Fools, but because this episode broke the fourth wall, this was generally ignored by viewers.

In the revival series, it is revealed that Carly and Freddie have stayed friends in the last 10 years. In iRobot Wedding, Carly and Freddie share a romantic slow dance at Nevel Papperman's wedding while she is wearing a wedding dress. A few episodes later, in iTake a Girls' Trip, Carly and Freddie end up going on a short get-away together and wind up in a honeymoon suite. This causes a lot of sexual tension between the two, especially when Carly's friend Brooke thinks Carly and Freddie are having sex, and their past relationship is mentioned. In the Season 1 finale iReturn to Webicon, there are hints to Carly and Freddie having feelings for each other again. When Wes and Beau tell Carly they love her, she looks directly at Freddie who looks like he wants to tell her he is in love with Carly too. The episode ends with Carly saying "and", whilst looking at only Freddie as if she wants to tell him she loves him or wants to be with him.

Produced by Hernan Don Camel Sforzini, the collection of songs on Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics: The Dub Battle, is a perfect pairing of might and creativity. These recordings can only be described as a Dub Clash, or as Roger Stefans calls it in the liner notes: Dub Dubstock. Taking the concept of pairing some of the greatest roots artists with some of the genres most beloved Dub artists adds a new dimension to the legacy of everyone involved, and serves as an epitaph to the careers of Toots Hibbert, Lee Scratch Perry, and Bunny Striker Lee. These recently departed legendary dub artists join in the enduring sounds of unreleased 70s productions from Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby who contributes to the project more than 30 years after his untimely demise.Released on vinyl for the first time. 1. Dub Morning (Scientist Dub) Sly & Robbie, Scientist feat. Mykal Rose 2. Dubterior Motives (King Jammy Dub) Roots Radics, King Jammy feat. Brinsley Forde 3. Dub My Mind (Bunny "Striker" Lee Dub) Sly & Robbie, Bunny Lee feat. The Mighty Diamonds 4. Dub Glory (Mad Professor Dub) Roots Radics, Mad Professor feat. Freddie McGregor 5. Mind Your Dub (Don Camel Dub) Sly & Robbie, Don Camel feat. Horace Andy 6. Gwan Dub Up Yuh Mouth (Mad Professor Dub) Roots Radics, Mad Professor feat. Pablo Moses 7. Full Dub, Plant a Tree (Don Camel Dub) Sly & Robbie, Don Camel feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry, Addis Pablo 8. The Gates of Dub (Lee "Scratch" Perry Dub) Roots Radics, Lee "Scratch" Perry feat. Max Romeo 9. Argentina Dub (Dennis Bovell Dub) Sly & Robbie, Dennis Bovell feat. Ken Boothe 10. Dub Must Get Better (Don Camel Dub) Roots Radics, Don Camel feat. The Congos 11. Make a Dub (Scientist Dub) Sly & Robbie, Scientist feat. Luciano 12. Dub to You (King Jammy Dub) Roots Radics, King Jammy feat. Toots & the Maytals 13. Dub It to the Max (King Tubby Dub) Sly & Robbie, King Tubby 14. Radical Dub Mix (King Tubby Dub) Roots Radics feat. King Tubby 15. (bonus track/vinyl only) Sunshine Girl - Sly and Robbie feat Big Youth 16. (bonus track/vinyl only) Coming of Jah Jah - Roots Radics feat U-Roy

Donna Jean (Blanton) Glover passed away Friday, September 10, 2021 at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow, Montana. Donna was born September 7, 1946 to Jewell (Hall) and Earl Blanton. Her mother, Jewell, passed away when Donna was only five years old and her father asked her grandmother Peggy Tackett to raise her until she was grown enough. Donna met and married Wilbur William Pressler in 1966, the following year the couple welcomed daughter Darla. In 1970 they welcomed a son, Dirik. In 1971 they welcomed their second daughter, Danielle and in 1975 they welcomed son Dustin. Later the couple divorced. She married James Adams, Johnny Holsinger and Perry Glover. In 2016, Donna moved from Piketon, Ohio to ST. Marie, Montana and lived there with her daughter, Darla and friend Yancy Stewart until we got her own place in Saint Marie. She is survived by her children Darla DuVall of ST. Marie, Montana, Dirik (Helen Bolen) Pressler of Waverly, Ohio, Danielle (Eddie) Montgomery of Piketon, Ohio and Dustin (Brenda) Pressler of West Portsmouth, Ohio; ten grandchildren and an unknown number of other adopted grand and great-grandchildren; numerous brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles all of whom reside in the states of Ohio and Kentucky. She is preceded in death by her parents and three of her former husbands. We bid farewell to a mother, best friend, grandmother for she is much loved and will be so sorely missed. Donna was known to lend a helping hand when and where she could. Family will receive friends Monday, September 13, 2021 from 5-7:00 p.m. at Bell Mortuary in Glasgow, Montana. As per her wishes cremation will take place and she will be buried according to her wishes at a later date. 041b061a72


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