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Abusadamente Mc Gustta E Mc Dg Kondzilla | Official Music Video !!TOP!!

Konrad Cunha Dantas (born 13 September 1988), better known by the stage name KondZilla, or just KOND, is a Brazilian screenwriter and director.[2] He is the founder of KondZilla Records, which is a music video production company and record label often credited for being the main popularizer of funk ostentação.[3][4] He currently owns the largest YouTube channel in Brazil and Latin America, and the third largest music channel in the world, with 65.9 million subscribers and 36.5 billion views.[5][6] In addition to his music videos, he is also the creator and director of the Netflix drama Sintonia.

Abusadamente Mc Gustta E Mc Dg Kondzilla | Official Music Video


In 2017, KondZilla Records was integrated into Dantas's production company, which has existed since 2011. The label manages the career of artists such as MC Kevinho, MC Kekel, MC Guimê, MC Dede, Dani Russo, Mc Rodolfinho, Mc Mm; and launches their music videos on his channel.[citation needed]

KondZilla has produced more than 1000 music videos, and his YouTube channel has more than 50 million subscribers, which is almost half of the unique users of YouTube in Brazil and 22 percent of the Brazilian population. He also has more than 25 billion views on his YouTube channel. On 3 February 2018, he surpassed Whindersson Nunes, making him the largest Brazilian channel on YouTube by subscriber count.[8][9] 041b061a72


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