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Askold Shcherbakov
Askold Shcherbakov

1100d Magic Lantern 1080p Vs 720p [UPDATED]

e799e89: Raw backend: attempt to autodetect Canon's raw buffer size\u000aUsage:\u000a- compile with CONFIG_MARK_UNUSED_MEMORY_AT_STARTUP (config-defines.h)\u000a- open the console (Debug menu) and enable something that uses LiveView RAW features (raw video, raw histogram etc)\u000a- test by starting the camera in all video modes (photo, 1080p, 720p, crop, x5 etc)\u000a- take a screenshot or write down the console messages

1100d Magic Lantern 1080p Vs 720p

c796fbb: Merged in Dannephoto/magic-lantern/100D_merge_fw101_SOUND (pull request #863)\u000a\u000aFix for audio issues on eos 100D, possibly other cameras too.\u000a\u000a* Fix for audio issues on eos 100D, possibly other cameras too.\u000a =16040.msg190513#msg190513\u000a Thanks too dfort for code.\u000a\u000a* Nikfreak found the correct stub\u000a =16040.msg190532#msg190532\u000a\u000aApproved-by: nikfreak

8b43556: Merged in kichetof/magic-lantern-1/kichetof/qemu-check-if-brew-is-installed-on-macos-1506424463270 (pull request #860)\u000aalso included this suggestion: -lantern/commits/a24f36e36ea4b27a3c86b8e77e70b49cf4e04fea#comment-5261641

896a1f5: Experimental debug info in magiclantern elf file\u000ait allows mapping from code address to source line\u000a(example: eu-addr2line -s -S -e magiclantern 0x50d60)\u000ait should not end up in autoexec.bin or affect it in any way

f1ff88d: Merged in daniel_fort/magic-lantern/EOSM_stubs_tweaks (pull request #839)\u000aDisplay filters working (anamorphic preview, fisheye correction, raw video preview and others)\u000a\u000aEOSM stubs tweaks\u000a\u000aApproved-by: Alex


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