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Savithri Serial

A witch Nayantara hauntes Malhotra family so she can exact revenge on Anand. Years ago a pregnant woman (Nayantara) came to Savitri Devi Hospital for delivery. But she didn't get the care and treatment she needs, so her baby is stillborn. Nayantara died from the shock and Anand buried Nayantara's body in the same ward. Saanchi managed to free Riya whom Nayantara had possessed and saved the family. The serial ends with the Malhotra's turning ward 13 (which was the ward Nayantara died) into "Nayantara pediatric ward" in remembrance of Nayantara and her child.

Savithri Serial

On the contrary. I started my career under the aegis of K Balachandar sir and R C Shakthi sir. In a way, I was already acquainted with cinema -- my father, director Jambu, was the director of the MGR hit Nam Naadu. It was remade in Hindi as Apna Desh. I joined K Balachandar sir as associate director in his serial, Kaiyalavu Manasu.

I later did Sorna Regai, a serial that was part of the Marma Desam franchise. I worked with director Naga, and that is how it all started. So far, I've directed close to 2300 episodes. And I've no intention of slowing down.

Never. Do you know, Suhasini was the first choice to play the lead role? She liked it, but it never happened. I was the writer at that time, the serial was supposed to be directed by someone else. Later, we took the serial to actress Bhanupriya, and she liked it too but she insisted that I direct it! But that didn't work out either. By the time we approached actress Radhika, it was decided that I would write and direct it.

Satyawan Saavitri show is all set to release on 12th June 2022, Monday to Saturday at 7:00 PM replacing the ongoing serial Mann Zala Bajind which might go off air post the release of Satyavaan Savitri.


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