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About DZiG.

Today we live in the age of technology where you can find anything on your fingertips, then why can't you conveniently find Architects and Designers? If you look back to the early 2000's, commuting from one place to another was difficult but now we have multiple gig working apps. Once they receive a task, they quickly accomplish it and then go onto the next. Relative to this, finding an Architect or Designer to complete minor tasks, such as small changes to a living room, is challenging. If you have a larger task and you work with a conventional company, it can lead to holes in your pockets. In this situation, DZiG plays a vital role in providing clients and companies to get their tasks done through various Architects and Designers globally in an efficient and economical way. When companies get overloaded with projects, they usually hire employees or outsource the work. This can be lead to staff reduction once the projects are completed and are costly. Where DZiG provides services that are task-driven which are independent of contracts and monthly payments.

DZiG is the online designing platform designed by Architects and Designers for the rapidly growing online market. Our mission is to create an online platform capable of sourcing the global market with affordable high-quality designs. It has always been about innovation in the design industry, as we have talented architects and designers around the globe working remotely. We provide innovative design solutions implemented using state-of-the-art technology throughout all phases of our design services. We’re still continually refining our process to deliver exceptional designs that lead to on-time, on-budget projects.

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