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Our Team

At DZiG, we are more than just a collection of individuals, we are a dedicated team working together to provide our clients with exceptional service and value. Each team member offers a unique set of skills and experiences, influencing innovative and thoughtful design.

Our team is mostly working remotely around the globe, which provides us a soft cushion working in different time zones. This makes us active 7 days a week and our work is active in most parts of the day. 

Every team has a team leads at different level reporting to the managers. These managers coordinate the work between the client and team members, they ensure to meet all design requirements and carefully monitoring the project timelines. The most important of all the essential elements of successful teams is communication. The ability to express yourself and for your team to express themselves must be clear, consistent and systematized. DZiG is always available to answer questions on a regular basis. A quick daily check-in to set the day off in the right direction will establish a culture of accountability. A weekly staff meeting to review progress will keep active projects running smoothly and reduce errors or misunderstandings. We always encourage our team with the freedom to express their innovative ideas.

We are always open to new talent from anywhere. Joining us a simple process, reach out to us through the website. We will review your application and offer for an interview if shortlisted.

Our Team
Syed Azmath
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With more than eight years of experience working in the field of architecture, Syed Azmath has extensive knowledge of high-performance building systems and is an advocate for functional-efficient buildings. Syed Azmath takes great pride in producing the highest quality work possible including architectural drawings that are both accurate and beautiful. Syed finds excitement in the opportunity to craft a built environment that makes occupants more productive, healthier, happier, and more sustainable. Syed excels at implementing the technical aspects of a project to make the dreams and ideas of a client a reality.

Syed has been exceptional in promoting his knowledge in the field of Architecture. He always plays a good role as a Team leader and teacher. His passion for teaching gives him an edge for his team's growth.

He is always keen to find new ways to work in the field of Architecture. During this Pandemic, he started the design in a Remote working environment where we could design any room space and transform it from any part of the world. It all started by renovating tiny spaces remotely and working with local contractors. 

Our Work

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Post 31
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Post 27
Post 33
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Puja unit
Post 37 B
Post 36
Post 37 A
Children Bedroom
Post 35 A
Post 34
Post 34 c
Living Room
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Post 41 A
Post 40 C
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Main Reception
Reception View
Reception Seating
Meeting Room
Meeting Room View
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Student Housing
Student Housing
Anil Apartment
Twin Villa
Ankit Apartment
Dinesh Villa
Ramesh Villa
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